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CABT graduates

Certificates & Degrees

The CABT program offers a degree and eight certificates, some of which can be completed in just a semester or two. This gives students the opportunity to build on their skills while achieving milestones along the way, and helps them better align academic goals with their chosen career path.

By offering these certifications, we stay focused on helping students find meaningful employment after graduation.

Computer Applications/Business Technology A.S. Degree

Students with the CABT Associates degree are expert in computer applications, computer technology, and office equipment. They have special training in business procedures for the modern workplace, which will assist them in solving complex problems in professional settings. Students also have specialized education in business and technical writing.

Degree requirements include completion of the CABT core courses (38-39 units) and 21 units of A.S. general education courses.

Administrative Support Certificate of Achievement

For this certificate, students learn fundamental computer skills and how to use programs such as Microsoft Word, Office, and Excel. They take courses that teach skills for business settings, such records management, customer service, business technology, and Internet use for the workplace. Along the way, students learn crucial business procedures and how to work productively as a team member in a professional work environment.

There are 15 required courses for this certificate (32.5-33.5 units).

Business Information Worker (BIW) Certificate of Achievement

With this certificate, students are prepared for entry-level jobs in business and other professional workplace settings. They can effectively use the Internet and current computer applications and standard business procedures. They can also analyze business performance and solve problems. Students will learn to use a variety of office equipment such as computers, copy machines, printers, and scanners.

There are 12 required courses for this certificate, totaling 27 units. Among these are courses in records management, customer service, technical writing, and business technology.

More information about CABT BIW Program

Application form for BIW Program

Computer Proficiency Skills Certificate

This certificate signifies competency in entry-level professional computer skills. This includes the use of word processors, spreadsheets, Internet research, e-mail, simple web page development, and keyboarding.

There are three courses required, equaling a total of 4 units: Computer Proficiency (CABT 101), Computer Keyboarding-Alphabet Keys (CABT 110A), and Computer Keyboarding-Numbers/Symbols (CABT 110B).

Office Software Skills Certificate

Students pursuing this skills certificate will become proficient in Microsoft programs and other office software. They will also learn important business-specific skills such as records management, social media, and Internet use for the workplace.

There are six required courses for a total of 17.5 units.

Social Media Skills Certificate

Not only will students learn to navigate social media platforms for business purposes, they will learn to work productively as a member of a team. Students learn how to design and produce electronic and paper-based documents. They will be able to use a variety of current computer applications.

The three required courses for this certificate are Business Technology & Procedures (CABT 100), Social Media for Business (CABT 108), and Creating a Simple Website (CABT 161).

Digital Literacy Certificate of Competency

This certificate signifies that students can apply the basic skills necessary for the completion of college-level course work. This includes basic file management, sending e-mails, document creation, use of Microsoft Word, and Internet research. Students will also be able to identify, locate, and evaluate reliable sources of information, both print and electronic, in order to employ proper conventions of work citation.

There are two non-credit courses required for this certificate: Digital Literacy I (CABT 500 or LIBR 500) and Digital Literacy II (CABT 501 or LIBR 501).

Degree Requirements & Course Descriptions (PDF)

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