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Open Entry Courses

Improve your Keyboarding, 10-Key, and Technology skills by taking an open-entry course. Open-entry courses allow students to set their own pace, working independently on assignments and monitoring their own progress. During the summer term, students can expect to dedicate at least 4.4 hours a week and complete at least two and a half lessons a week. Some work for these courses can be completed from home, though students need to appear in person to turn in work, get coaching, and take tests.

For more information, please attend the scheduled orientation at the beginning of Summer term.

If you can’t make it to the scheduled orientation, contact us right away to arrange an individual orientation. Stop by the CABT staff desk in the Computer Technology Center, call (831) 479-6277, or e-mail


  • CABT 210 Basic Computer Keyboarding: CABT 210 is a basic skills level class that introduces elementary keyboarding techniques using the alphabet keys. It is designed for very beginning students. Students will use the software to practice a minimum of 25 hours, and reach a speed of 10 words a minute (wam) with no more than 1 error per minute (epm) in 2-minute timed writings. Lessons must be completed in the Computer Technology Center (CTC).

  • CABT 110A Computer Keyboarding — Alphabet Keys: CABT 110A is a beginning keyboarding class which covers the alphabet keys on the computer keyboard. Using the software to complete a set of lessons and timed writings, students will reach a speed of 25 words a minute (wam) with no more than 1 error per minute (epm) in 2-minute timed writings.

  • CABT 110B Computer Keyboarding — Numbers/Symbols: CABT 110B is the intermediate level keyboarding course, and it includes the numbers and symbols on the computer keyboard. Student will use the software to complete a set of lessons and timed writings, reaching a speed of 30 words a minute (wam) with no more than 1 error per minute (epm) in 3-minute timed writings.

  • CABT 110C Computer Keyboarding — Speed Development: CABT 110C is the advanced level keyboarding class. Students will practice to bring their keyboarding speed from a starting speed of at least 30 wam to a course completion speed of 40 wam, with no more than 1 epm in 5-minute timed writings.

Assignments for all of the Keyboarding courses requires the software Keyboarding Pro, available at the Cabrillo Computer Technology Center (CTC). If students wish to work at home, there is a version of the software available for purchase through the Cabrillo bookstore.

Summer 2019 Orientation for Keyboarding

Aptos Campus CTC, Bldg. 1400

Monday, June 17 1:30-2:30pm

10-Key Calculator

  • CABT 102 10-Key Calculator

This is a 1-unit course that teaches proficiency in the 10-key touch system using electronic calculators, especially to solve typical business problems and applications.

Students who wish to work at home must purchase a textbook and a full-size electronic printing calculator, both available at the Cabrillo bookstore. There are also calculators for use at the Computer Technology Center (CTC).

Summer 2019 Orientation for 10-Key Calculator

Aptos Campus CTC, Bldg. 1400

Monday, June 17 3:00-3:45pm

Beginning Technology Skills

  • CABT 405 Beginning Technology Skills I

  • CABT 406 Beginning Technology Skills II

Beginning Technology Skills I/II is a series of non-credit (0 unit) courses that cover beginning technology skills. Topics to be covered include: Becoming familiar with resources available in Cabrillo College's Computer Technology Center (CTC), learning to operate a Windows computer with the mouse and standard keyboard, creating documents and file folders, navigating Cabrillo College's website, and more. Non-credit courses are free.

Summer 2019 Orientation for Beginning Technology Skills

Aptos Campus CTC, Bldg. 1400

Tuesday, June 18 1:30-2:30pm

Open Entry Staff Hours

CABT Instructor/LIA Hours Aptos Campus Computer Technology Center (building 1400)

Summer Term 2019: June 17 - July 25








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