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Town Hall Meeting > Dec. 3, 2009

Summary of Budget Crisis Town Hall Meeting held Wed., December 3 at 3:30 p.m. in Room 454

Dear members of the Cabrillo Family,

At an important meeting of the College Planning Council yesterday, CPC approved recommendations for 2009-2010 Budget Reduction Strategies that will be presented to our Governing Board for discussion this coming Monday, December 8th. (The recommended strategies and time line are attached and will also be added to the Budget Information web site.) I encourage you to review the thoughtful strategies that are a product of our shared governance process.

We also held our second Budget Town Hall Meeting yesterday to continue the dialog about the steps we are taking to address the anticipated shortfall of $4 million in our current budget year (2008-2009) and the anticipated operating budget cuts of $5 million for next year (2009-2010). We had an opportunity at the Town Hall Meeting to discuss the strategies recommended by CPC. As we have discussed, the actual cuts could be less and could be more. Unfortunately, every day that the state legislature does not take decisive action to increase revenues increases the likelihood of even larger cuts. Our goal is to identify the source of reductions for the mid-year cuts by the end of this month so we can focus our energies on the daunting task of reducing a $60 million operating budget by $5 million for next year. (A summary of the plan to meet the $4 million target for mid-year cuts is attached and will also be added to the Budget Information web site.)

We have a great deal of difficult work to do in a short period of time. To provide another outlet for every voice to be heard, the Budget Reduction Task Force (a shared governance subcommittee of CPC) is soliciting input for budget reductions. You can share your ideas via the website at and also review comments and suggestions by colleagues. I know that we will honor our commitment to thoughtful, collegial, professional dialog even when comments are offered anonymously via this web site.

Finally, I want to remind you of the link to the Budget Information website: The web site is another example of our commitment to transparency and openness in providing you as much information as possible as we move forward together. I welcome suggestions about how to improve the web site or about what additional information would be helpful.


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