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Transfer and Articulation Resources
(For Students)

This webpage (and links to the right) are designed to help students plan for transfer to a four year university. It is not intended to take the place of a counseling appointment. It is advisable for you to first make an appointment with a counselor to plan the course work necessary to make a smooth transition to the university. Call (831) 479-6274 for the Main Campus or (831) 477-5134 for the Watsonville Center to make an appointment with a Cabrillo counselor.

Transfer to either of the two systems of higher education in California, the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU), has become increasingly complex. For this reason, it is essential to include all the admissions requirements in your educational plan. The following pages will show you the admissions requirements, general education plans and how to find the major preparation you need to transfer. A successful education plan combines general education and major preparation at the same time making sure that the admissions requirements are fulfilled.

Have you attended another college or University?

If you have attended another college or university, it is necessary to have your transcripts sent to Cabrillo for a full evaluation.

Why is this so important??

Attendance at another college or university has the potential to affect your eligibility to be admitted to the university.

Make an appointment with a Cabrillo counselor or a representative of the university to have your transcripts evaluated.

  1. To make an appointment with a Cabrillo College counselor, call (831) 479-6274 for the Main Campus or (831) 477-5134 for the Watsonville Center.   OR
  2. To make an appointment with a university representative, please contact the Cabrillo College Transfer Center at 831-479-6385.    

Common Questions

Next Steps

Essential Transfer Information

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