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Financial Aid eForms

Please submit ONLY forms that are 'Missing' or were requested.
Not sure which forms are 'Missing'? Check 'My Documents' in WebAdvisor.

Please make sure you are completing form(s) for the correct year.

How to Access eForms

  1. Login to WebAdvisor
  2. Click on eForms link (or 'My Documents' link if you need to see which forms to submit)
  3. Follow eForms Login Instructions in blue box
  4. Complete eForms

Note: The FIRST TIME you go to eFORMS, you will have to ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT BEFORE you will be able to login.You must have a current application for admission with the college to activate your eForms account.

eForms FAQs-help>>

Link to Parent Forms (pdfs) >>

Directions for completing eFORMS>>


Things to Know:
  • Final Review done is 'Missing' - this is not an eform. This is the status of your file. It means you are on Step 6 of the processing timeline. Your file in the process of being reviewed. Once 'Final Review done' is 'Received' you are on Step 7 of the timeline.
  • Financial Aid Contract 'Submit' button greyed out or not working - You must click on both the SAP Policy and Quick Guide orange buttons in the form before the 'Submit' button will be activated. A common mistake is that students are clicking the documents in the Library Reference section instead of the buttons in the form. If you have done this and it still isn't working then we recommend trying another browser. If it still isn't working, contact us.
  • Not Pell Eligible - 'EFC' or 'Masters', or 'Bachelors Degree'- This is informational only. There is no eFORM to submit. You are not eligible for a Pell grant. A separate email will follow with more information. If you are NOT interested in a student loan, please notify us by submitting a Student Correspondence through your eForms. You do not have to submit the forms requested in this email.
  • Educational Plan - this is not an eform. To get an Educational Plan, you must make an appointment with an Academic Counselor. Please call the Counseling Office at (831) 479-6274 or visit the Counseling and Career Center in Aptos or Watsonville to set up an appointment. For more information, read our Ed Plan Guidelines.
  • Restricted to Ed Plan - this means only degree applicable units from your current Educational Plan will be counted for financial aid payment.
  • FAFSA Application - If this is listed in your Acknowledgment email as needed for your file, this is a known glitch. We have already received your FAFSA application. There is no "FAFSA Application" eFORM to submit.
  • "Your computer account does not exist" message - Please click on the eForms Assistance link and complete the Send us your question form at the bottom of the page.
    Note: You must have a current application for admission with the college to activate your eForms account.
  • Wrong name showing on forms - Please contact us immediately.




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