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Student's Right to Know - Financial Aid - Cabrillo College

Academic Programs
Eligible Majors and Programs:

Accreditation and Licensure
Cabrillo Accreditation:
Fact Book:

Athletic Program Participation, Graduation and Completion Rates, and Financial Support
Offical Site of California Community College Athletics:
California Community College Athletic Association Constitution – Bylaw 1 – Student Athlete Eligibility:

Constitution Day at Cabrillo
2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook (See Constitution Day)

Copyright Infringement Policy
Copyright Policies at Cabrillo College Library:
Instruction Copyright Policy:
Duplications Policies and Procedures:

Crime Statistics, Campus Security, and Fire Safety Reports
Reporting Crimes on Campus:$file/3515APReportingCrimes102116.pdf
Campus Security Policy:
Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act 2013 Report:
Annual Report to the Community:$file/AnnualReport_190211.pdf
Cabrillo Sheriff’s Office:
Cabrillo Sheriff’s Incident Prevention and Safety Tips:

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs Information
Cabrillo Drug and Alcohol Policy:
Cabrillo Health Services:
Health Services for Santa Cruz County:

Educational Costs
Net Price Calculator:

Financial Aid Handbook
2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook

Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan
Student Health Services Emergency Services:
Cabrillo Evacuation Plan:
Cabrillo Emergency Operations Plan:
Emergency Resource Contacts:
Emergency Disaster Preparedness:
Facilities Planning and Plant Operations:
Injury and Illness Prevention Program Manual for Cabrillo College:

Faculty and Instructional Directory

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) disclosures: Student and Parent Privacy Rights
Admissions and Records FERPA:
2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook(See Privacy Rights)
U.S. Department of Education FERPA:

Gainful Employment Programs
Cabrillo College Gainful Employment Disclosure Information:

Graduation, Completion, Transfer, and Retention Rates
Student Retention and Placement Rate Disclosures:
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office:
Planning and Research Office:
Fact Book:
Student Learning Outcomes:

Education Data Resources List -
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
Student Success Scorecard:

Institutional Employment Placement

International Students
International Student Program:
Study Abroad:

Safety Policies
Chemistry Lab Safety Rules:
Biology Lab Safety Guide:
Cabrillo Governing Board Safety Policy:

Misrepresentation Safeguards
Cabrillo’s Eligible Educational Programs:
Assist Transfer and Articulation Agreements with Cabrillo College:
Academic Counseling:
Cabrillo Governing Board Policies and Administrative Procedures:
Financial Charges 19-20 Handbook (See Cost Of Attendance)
Employability of Cabrillo Graduates - Cabrillo Fact Book:


Loan Disclosures

Safeguarding Customer Information
Cabrillo governing Board Student Records, Directory Information, and Privacy:
Cabrillo Governing Board Record Retention and Destruction:
Cabrillo College Technology Plan and Program Review:$file/2018-FMP-071018-CabrilloCCD_FMP2018_Final20180611_LR.pdf

Special Services and Facilities for Individuals with Disabilities
Accessibility Support Center (ASC):
ASC Services:

Student Equity Plan
Cabrillo Board of Trustees Policy:$file/BP5300_Board%205-1-17.pdf

Student Financial Assistance Programs and Eligibility
2019-20 Financial Aid Quick Guide
2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook (See Types of Aid)
Cabrillo Academic Eligibility (SAP) Policy:

Student Loans Code of Conduct and Preferred Lender Arrangements

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Success

Textbook Information
Cabrillo Library:
Cabrillo Student Affairs:
Cabrillo Bookstore

Transfer Credit Policies
Statement of Transfer Credit to UC:
Degree, Graduation & Transfer Information:
Assist Transfer and Articulation Agreements:

Student Health Services Vaccination Cost List:
Allied Health Screening:

Voter Registration Procedures
Cabrillo Governing Board Voting Policy:$file/2330BP.pdf

Withdrawals Procedures and Refunds
Withdrawal – College Catalog:
Refund of Fees: (lapsed FA14)
Return to Title IV Funds:2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook(See Overpayment; See also Withdrawal and Repayment)

Written Arrangements with Other Institutions
Transfer Services:
Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs):
Dual Enrollment for High School Students:
Cabrillo Governing Board Articulation Policy:



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