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Student's Right to Know - Financial Aid - Cabrillo College

Academic Programs
Eligible Majors and Programs:

Accreditation and Licensure
Cabrillo Accreditation:

Fact Book

Athletic Program Participation, Graduation and Completion Rates, and Financial Support
Offical Site of California Community College Athletics
California Community College Athletic Association Constitution – Bylaw 1 – Student Athlete Eligibility

CARES HEERF Reporting for the Cabrillo FY 19-20 Student Emergency Relief Grant for COVID-19
HEERF CARES Reporting 5/13/20

HERF CARES Reporting 7/2/20

HERF CARES Reporting 8/21/20

Constitution Day at Cabrillo
2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook (See Constitution Day)

Copyright Infringement Policy
Copyright Policies at Cabrillo College Library
Instruction Copyright Policy
Duplications Policies and Procedures

Crime Statistics, Campus Security, and Fire Safety Reports
Reporting Crimes on Campus
Campus Security Policy
Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act 2013 Report
Annual Report to the Community
Cabrillo Sheriff’s Office
Cabrillo Sheriff’s Incident Prevention and Safety Tips

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs Information
Cabrillo Drug and Alcohol Policy
Cabrillo Health Services
Health Services for Santa Cruz County

Educational Costs
Net Price Calculator

Financial Aid Handbook

Emergency Response and Evacuation Plan
Student Health Services Emergency Services
Cabrillo Evacuation Plan
Cabrillo Emergency Operations Plan
Emergency Resource Contacts
Emergency Disaster Preparedness
Facilities Planning and Plant Operations
Injury and Illness Prevention Program Manual for Cabrillo College

Faculty and Instructional Directory

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) disclosures: Student and Parent Privacy Rights
Admissions and Records FERPA
2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook(See Privacy Rights)
U.S. Department of Education FERPA

Gainful Employment Programs
Cabrillo College Gainful Employment Disclosure Information

Graduation, Completion, Transfer, and Retention Rates
Graduation and Transfer Rates

Student Retention and Placement Rate Disclosures
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
Planning and Research Office
Fact Book
Student Learning Outcomes

Education Data Resources List -
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
Student Success Scorecard

Institutional Employment Placement

International Students
International Student Program
Study Abroad

Safety Policies
Chemistry Lab Safety Rules
Biology Lab Safety Guide
Cabrillo Governing Board Safety Policy:

Misrepresentation Safeguards
Cabrillo’s Eligible Educational Programs
Assist Transfer and Articulation Agreements with Cabrillo College
Academic Counseling
Cabrillo Governing Board Policies and Administrative Procedures:
Financial Charges:

19-20 Handbook (See Cost Of Attendance)
Employability of Cabrillo Graduates - Cabrillo Fact Book

Loan Disclosures

Safeguarding Customer Information
Cabrillo governing Board Student Records, Directory Information, and Privacy
Cabrillo Governing Board Record Retention and Destruction
Cabrillo College Technology Plan and Program Review:$file/2018-FMP-071018-CabrilloCCD_FMP2018_Final20180611_LR.pdf

Special Services and Facilities for Individuals with Disabilities
Accessibility Support Center (ASC)
ASC Services:

Student Equity Plan
Cabrillo Board of Trustees Policy

Student Financial Assistance Programs and Eligibility
2019-20 Financial Aid Quick Guide
2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook (See Types of Aid)
Cabrillo Academic Eligibility (SAP) Policy:

Student Loans Code of Conduct and Preferred Lender Arrangements

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Success

Textbook Information
Cabrillo Library
Cabrillo Student Affairs:
Cabrillo Bookstore

Transfer Credit Policies
Statement of Transfer Credit to UC
Degree, Graduation & Transfer Information
Assist Transfer and Articulation Agreements

Student Health Services Vaccination Cost List
Allied Health Screening

Voter Registration Procedures
Cabrillo Governing Board Voting Policy

Withdrawals Procedures and Refunds
Withdrawal – College Catalog
Refund of Fees
Return to Title IV Funds:

2019-20 Financial Aid Handbook(See Overpayment; See also Withdrawal and Repayment)

Written Arrangements with Other Institutions
Transfer Services
Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs)
Dual Enrollment for High School Students
Cabrillo Governing Board Articulation Policy



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