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Cabrillo Financial Aid Processing Timelines

The complete process can take 4-6 months!
Step 1 File a FAFSA at
Step 2 FAFSA results are sent to student and school.
1-3 weeks if filed online!
Step 3 Financial Aid enters data, awards BOG (if eligible), and sends Acknowledgment email with document request to student. Students with no grant eligibility are notified by email.
1-2 weeks
Step 4 Student submits ALL requested documents.
??? Weeks? Days? This depends on you!

During peak processing periods (April-September),
timelines could be doubled for steps 5-8

Step 5 Financial Aid receives documents and posts to WebAdvisor. Email update #2 is sent.
1 week
Step 6 File is reviewed, eligibility is determined, and discrepancies resolved.
(Steps 4, 5 & 6 are repeated for discrepancies.)
up to 4 weeks
Step 7 Awards are processed and Award letter notification is emailed.
1-2 weeks
Step 8 Awards are disbursed through Bankmobile Cards and Bankmobile!
1-2 weeks
Making unnecessary corrections on FAFSA and/or submitting incorrect forms will cause delays!
*Processing times are approximate.
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