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Supplemental Agreements and Designated Honors Course Contracts

Supplemental Agreements:

A Supplemental Agreement offers the opportunity for students to receive honors credit in a regular version of a course that is sometimes offered as an honors version (H-Course).

Willingness to write a Supplemental Agreement with a student is at the discretion of the Faculty teaching the course, and approval of the Honors Director. It is preferred that the Faculty have previously taught the honors version of the course, or have written previous Supplemental Agreements with students (formerly titled "Honors Study Contracts"), and/or had significant experience teaching in the discipline/subject matter.

Courses available for Supplemental Agreements are here under List A courses


It may be appropriate to write a Supplemental Agreement for the following reasons:

  • when student's schedule/education plan does not allow for enrolling in the honors version

  • when the honors version course needed is not being offered due to regular course rotation

  • when the student needs the honors units toward the 15 unit requirement for Honors Scholar Designation, UCLA TAP and/or "Completion of the Honors Program".


Designated Honors Course Contracts:


Honors Faculty may invite students to write an Honors Contract as their first entree' into the Honors Transfer Program. If new Honors students pursue an Honors Contract, they may apply to the Honors Program either in the first 4 weeks of the semester, or during the last 4 weeks of the semester.

See "Applying to the Program as a Current Cabrillo Student"



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