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Resource Requests

This page provides information on how to submit requests for annual resource requests. If you need support or have questions, contact:

Terrence Willett
Dean of Research, Planning, & Institutional Effectiveness


Resource Request Form

Resource requests must be submitted using this form by the deadline indicated by your area manager. Late submissions and submissions in other formats cannot be accepted. General deadilnes are:

Requests Due Friday, March 30th

Each seperate request must be submitted on a new form. For example, if you have three resource requests, you will submit three forms.

Prior Year Requests 

2015 Requests (xlsx)

Resource Request Related Links

The resource request form asks you to link your request to a campus plan, accreditation recommendation, or requirement. The links below provide a centralize portal to review these planning and requirement documents.

Resource Request Process Diagram (pdf)

Strategic Plan

Education Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan

Technology Plan

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Equity Plan

Student Success and Support Program Plan

Board Goals

Accreditation Planning Agendas [pdf, see page 69]

1. Fully implement the Integrated Program Planning cycle at all of its stages throughout the College at each department, division and component level. (Standard IB) Lead responsible: President Completion: December 2014

2. Develop a staggered, comprehensive six-year cycle with annual updates for all departments undergoing Administrative/nonInstructional Program Planning. (IB) Lead responsible: President Completion: December 2013

3. Strengthen existing SLO processes for quality assurance. (IIA) Lead responsible: SLO Coordinator Completion: June 2014

4. Identify responsibilities and timeline for implementation of requirements of the Student Success Act, Title 5 and the California Education Code: orientation, assessment, education planning and enrollment priorities. (IIB) Lead responsible: Vice President, Student Services Completion: June 2013

5. Conduct analysis and develop a plan to improve counseling/ transfer space to better serve students and support the faculty and staff. (IIB) Lead responsible: Dean, Counseling & Educational Support Services Completion: June 2013

6. The Board will incorporate Accreditation standards into its annual self-evaluation. (IVB) Lead responsible: Chair, Governing Board Completion: December 2014

Accreditation Recommendations [pdf, see page 2]

Accreditation Recommendation 1: In order to improve effectiveness, the team recommends that the College build on its extensive, meaningful dialogue and develop a plan to document and assess institutional effectiveness more thoroughly through a culture of evidence embedded in codified roles, systems, and processes.

Accreditation Recommendation 2: In order to improve effectiveness, the team recommends that the College clarify and document its definition of a program and include the evaluation and improvement of all degree offerings in the program review and planning process.

Accreditation Recommendation 3: In order to improve effectiveness, the team recommends that the College expand and enhance its governance manual to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each of the college governance elements. In addition, the team recommends that the college develop a clear process and timeline for the evaluation and continuous improvement of the college planning and decision-making processes.

Accreditation Recommendation 4: In order to improve effectiveness, the team recommends greater use of and evaluation of evidentiary data with a systematic process for capturing evidence of decisions and disseminating the results widely for use by all appropriate college constituents.




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