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For many years it was a goal for Cabrillo College to secure Hispanic Serving Institution status. The student population was growing and diversifying, and becoming an HSI would bring eligibility for grant funding that would increase the College's capacity to serve all of its students more effectively. In 2009, Cabrillo College became an official Hispanic Serving Institution with the award of a Department of Education Title V grant under the Strengthening Hispanic Serving Institutions program. This five-year initiative will make Cabrillo a stronger community college, and better equipped to help students be successful in reaching their goals.
















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The vision of the Title V initiative is that students who assess into pre-transfer level courses will be fully engaged with the college through a First Year Experience program, starting with Summer Bridge and including Supplemental Instruction, enabling them to complete their first year and subsequent courses successfully. They will be supported by redesigned curriculum, classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, new library collections to inspire them to become avid readers, and a community of faculty who focus on student learning through online discussion forums and research.

The mission of the Title V initiative is to enable a greater number of students assessing into pre-transfer level courses at Cabrillo College to achieve their academic and career goals. Title V provides resources to design and pilot a First Year Experience program and a Faculty Inquiry system, improve curriculum, and increase the quality of resources in the library, classrooms, learning centers and Welcome Center.

By the end of the five-year funding period (September 2014), four cohorts of learning communities will have been designed and piloted, each year with a distinct focus, to establish a First Year Experience program that will include a Summer Bridge component and Supplemental Instruction. Retention and success rates in these classes will have increased by 10% as compared to 2008-09 retention in basic skills classes, and the three year graduation/ transfer rate will have increased by 5%. Other outcomes include 9 classrooms upgraded with "smart" technology and 1 classroom converted to a teaching computer lab; Welcome Center information kiosks at all college campuses; redesigned basic skills curriculum; increased use of library resources; and a Faculty Inquiry system with robust participation, including at least 85% of faculty who teach basic skills courses.

Hispanic Serving Institutions are colleges and universities which have at least 25% Latino student enrollment. These institutions are eligible to receive a Title V grant through the Department of Education's Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions program, a five-year funding period to develop initiatives that address institutional needs tied to student success. In 2006-07 there were 265 HSIs nationwide and 167 that were close to the 25% mark. For 2010, only 29 Title V Developing HSI grants were awarded nationwide, selected from 153 applications.