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On-Campus Student Resources

Accessibility Support Center (ASC -- formerly DSPS) (Library/Learning Resource Center)

Offer a variety of services to enable students with disabilities to function independently in the educational environment. The objectives of these services are to integrate and mainstream students with disabilities into general campus programs and activities. The following services are provided to students enrolled through DSPS: Counseling and advising, tutorials, academic support, interpreters, note takers, special classes, special equipment, on- campus transportation, special parking, priority registration, test proctoring and other test accommodations, liaison with local, state, and federal agencies, specialized adaptive equipment, a High Tech Center with computer adaptations and adaptive physical education. 479-6379/6370/6421 (TTY); Fax 479-6393
Accessibility Support Center

Admissions and Records (Building 100 and Watsonville Center)

Provides essential support services for students and Instruction. These services include admission, registration, transcripts, general education certification, degrees and certificates, verification of enrollment, rosters and reports (including grade reports) for faculty, services for veterans and eligible dependents, evaluation of courses from other colleges and universities, registration and grade printouts, and a variety of reports at the college, state, and federal level. 479-6213.
Admissions & Records

Cabrillo Advancement Program (CAP) (Student Activities Center West)

Scholarship program sponsored by the Cabrillo College Foundation, which awards college scholarships to sixth and seventh graders from local Santa Cruz County schools. The scholarships are payable to the students, with interest, when they graduate from high school and enter Cabrillo College. 479-6526.

Counseling Division (Building 100)

Counselors provide academic/vocational counseling. Counselors are assigned instructional divisions with whom they work, but often will provide information for all disciplines. There are counselors in the Transfer/Career Center. A counselor is assigned to the Watsonville Center. There are also Counseling and Guidance classes taught by counselors and faculty from Disabled Students Services. 479-6274.

Dean of Student Services (Student Activities Center East)

Provides support to the following offices: Extended Opportunity Program Services (EOPS), Cabrillo Advancement Program (CAP), Job Placement/Career Planning Center, and the Student Affairs Office. The Dean of Student Services is the advisor to the Student Senate and is also responsible for all procedures described in the Student Rights and Responsibilities at Cabrillo College publication. Any concerns regarding student discipline and/or complaints about students should be referred to the dean of Student Services. 479-6525.

Dean of Student Services


Extended Opportunity Program And Services (EOPS) and Cooperative Agencies Resources For Education (C.A.R.E.) (Rooms 907 & 910)

Provides support to eligible Cabrillo College students who are determined to be financially and educationally disadvantaged. Services available to eligible students include financial assistance; academic skills assessment; personal, vocational, and transfer counseling; educational and career planning; student advising; tutorials, study skills, campus resources, community agency referrals, university field trips, and book vouchers. 479-6305.
C.A.R.E. is a joint effort involving Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz County Human Resources Agency (CalWORKs) and Workforce Investment Act (W.I.A.) linking educational job training programs and monies into a cooperative unit to help the C.A.R.E. student break out of the welfare cycle into the productive career world. 479-6531.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Office (Building 100)

Financial aid is awarded to eligible students to help bridge the gap between the cost of education and the expected family contribution. Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and must be enrolled in an eligible program and pursuing a degree or certificate program in order to be considered for most financial aid. Scholarship opportunities are available for students including general scholarship awards, college departmental awards, community organization scholarships and local high school scholarships. A scholarship binder is available in the Financial Aid office and Watsonville Center for students to review and request current applications of community organizations. 479-6415.
Financial Aid

Foster Youth Independence (Room 1006, beneath the library)

The Cabrillo College Foster Youth Independence Program (FYI) provides academic support services for current and former foster youth and is here to assist you in navigating the community college system successfully. 479-6115.


International Student Office (Building 100)

Handles the needs of international students attending Cabrillo College so that they are able to achieve their academic goals and have positive educational experiences in the United States. The International Student Advisor/Counselor, coordinates the International Student Program. This office ensures that Cabrillo College complies with all INS and federal regulation guidelines concerning the admission of foreign nationals to the college. 479-6200. International Student Office

Learning Skills Program (Library room 1073)

Designed to serve students with specific learning disabilities, its primary function is to provide students with diagnostic assessment to determine their eligibility for learning disability services. Services include classroom accommodations, specific compensatory techniques, remedial instruction, specific assistive technology, and support services. Students may be referred by instructors, counselors or community agencies. 479-6220.

Learning Skills

Puente (Student Activities Center West)

Open to all students, the program's mission is to increase the number of educationally underserved students who enroll in four-year colleges and universities, earn degrees, and return to the community as leaders and mentors to succeeding generations. 479-6541.

Student Affairs Office (Student Activities Center East)

Provides bus pass, parking permit, Student Activities Card, bike lockers, housing information, poster approval, and vendor contracts. This office organizes the graduation ceremony. It also provides opportunities for student involvement in campus and community activities. 479-6378.
Student Affairs

Student Employment Center (Student Activities Center West)

Serves Cabrillo College students and graduates who are seeking employment in full or part-time positions off campus. It is also the central office for all on- campus student jobs including Work Study and Fast Track positions. All student job information is available on the Job Placement / Student Employment web site. Workshops on job seeking skills are offered each semester, and individualized assistance is available by appointment. 479-6413.

Student Employment

Student Health Services (Room 912)

Provides students with a variety of drop-in medical services, including treatment for common illness, first aid, crisis or psychological counseling, routine immunizations, emergency birth control, free physical exams with low-cost lab tests, and medications. In partnership with other community agencies, reproductive health clinics and free HIV/AIDS testing is offered on campus. Health Services is run by a staff of professional medical practitioners. Cabrillo students pay a health fee each semester. This fee finances a portion of the college's accidental medical insurance (liability) and sustains Cabrillo's Student Health Services Office. 479-6435.
Student Health Services

Student Resource & Support Network (formerly FTTW) (Student Activities Center West - Room 110)

Provides supportive services to students receiving CalWORKs or unemployment funds, helping students to get on a career track that will lead to a family supporting income. Fast Track’s services may include orientation to the college, money for child care, work study jobs, academic and personal counseling, peer support, resource and referral information, liaison with county offices, a friendly place to relax and study, and a mentoring program for graduating students to help them in their new careers. 479-6344.

Transfer & Career Center (Building 100)

Encourages and facilitates transfer for students who have historically been underrepresented in higher education. The Center offers career and academic counseling, classes in career planning, workshops on career topics and job seeking skills, interest testing and an extensive career resources library. The EUREKA Computerized Career Information System is available for career research and interest/career identification. 479-6385.

Transfer & Career Center

Tutorial Program (Library room 1080)

Tutoring is open to all students and available at no charge for approximately 33 different courses. Tutoring is available on an appointment basis for students in the following programs: EOPS, DSPS, and students in certain vocational programs with a referral from an instructor. 479-6470 or 479-6126.

At the Watsonville Center, tutoring is available at the Integrated Learning Center (ILC) in room A210. 786-4755


Work Experience Education (Room 2100B)

Cooperative Work Experience Education Courses Cabrillo College offers three opportunities for students to receive course credit through linking academic opportunities with paid or unpaid workplace experiences: Career Work Experience, General Work Experience and Service Learning. Students earn one unit per 60 hours of unpaid work experience or one unit per 75 hours of paid work experience. Work Experience students benefit by gaining a realistic approach to the 21st century job market, validating interests and clarifying career goals by applying classroom theories to the work environment and having work experience to refer to on future job applications. To enroll, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of seven units including Work Experience Education, have a full or part-time paid or volunteer job, attend a one-hour orientation session, and develop learning objectives with the assigned faculty instructor and the worksite supervisor. If a student does not currently have a job, the Cabrillo College Student Employment Center can assist in obtaining suitable paid employment and unpaid work experience opportunities. 477-5650.

Career Work Experience is for students enrolled in career oriented majors. This program provides supervised work experience at the worksite that is directly related to the student’s career goal and, along with other on campus lecture and laboratory courses, is an integral part of the student’s major. Students who enroll in Career Work Experience must be concurrently enrolled in one other course that qualifies for the degree or certificate in their career/occupational major. Specific Career Work Experience courses are listed under each occupational program.

General Work Experience is for students who want to explore career and work experience opportunities. This program, designed to help students develop career and workplace culture awareness, combines classroom instruction with paid or volunteer work experience, utilizing the community’s business, industry, government and nonprofit agencies as expanded educational sites. Courses are listed under Work Experience Education.
Service Learning is for students who are co-enrolled in a course that offers a Service Learning option. Service Learning integrates community service with academic learning, focusing on meeting community needs and achieving course objectives. Individual course listings will specify if a course includes a Service Learning option.
Veterans (Building 100) Veterans Affairs provides services to meet the various needs of veterans and to assist them in obtaining prompt receipt of their benefits. Information may be obtained at the Veterans Affairs window, in the Admissions and Records Office, the Admissions and Records website, and also from the catalog.

Vice President of Student Services (Student Activities Center East)

Oversees the administrative leadership of the Student Services component which includes: Admissions and Records, Counseling, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Health Services, Student Affairs, the Transfer/Career Center, and Veterans. 479-6317.
Vice President Student Services

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